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Any video or post containing any of the following will be grounds for termination and or removal or vendor account from,llc
1,llc is not the platform for sexual explicit content. If sexual explicit content is on your video do not post it. Child exploitation will be reported to the proper authorities.
2. Do not post videos that you are not authorized to use such as music videos you do not own. Any video that has a copyright and does not belong to you.
3. Do not post videos that encourage others to do hurtful, harm, or destructive things to themselves or other people by committing of violent acts.
4. Do not post  any videos containing violent threats against individuals or groups based on race or nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation and or gender identity.
5. Do not post any videos with intimidation, releasing personal information of others, predatory behavior, invasion of others privacy. These are violations or our policies and grounds for permanent removal from,llc.
6. Do not post any misleading descriptions, titles, thumbnails, links to spam and or viruses / malware. These are all post that will be removed and vendor account permanently removed.